Take tradition and mix it with dedication, modern techniques and quality raw materialsà

Macelleria Contini opened its doors in Cremona in 1959. A traditional butcher's shop, hinging on beef, pork and lamb. The owner Amerigo Contini, his daughter Chef Alice Contini with her husband Andrea Amici, professional Sommelier.

In 2011 the renewal started, based on an innovative butcher's shop, gastronomy and its own production.

A modern kitchen was set up, where Chef Alice prepares ready-made dishes, take-aways, traditional and local dishes, a 360-degree gastronomy based on innovative techniques with an eye to intolerances, gluten-free and raw material quality.

The traditional butcher's shop can rely on experience, on beef, pork and lamb cuts, where attention is paid to the research in and control of raw materials from the origin. As well as Cremona cured meats, cooked salamis, cotechini and Cremona sausages.

Sommelier Andrea Amici manages the wine cellar, a cellar in constant evolution, based on wines not only from the area, and deals with the "dynamic" butcher's shop. A new way to interpret butchery, with artistic and technical contaminations derived from other branches of gastronomy, where meat is always the focus.

In 2011, the own production of a local denomination started with the "mostarda di Cremona", as well as various products in a jar, called "ALICE" and sold all over Italy.

All this led to winning the "Golosario 2013" national award as Italian taste shop, as well as reviews on "Cucchiaio d'Argento", "Corriere della Sera", the daily newspaper "Libero", "Eurocarni magazine", and other mentions in the sector.

The Family

Andrea Amici

Professional sommelier, responsible for the dynamic butchery, dynamic street food and "Alice"-labelled products. Reviewed and entered in the section "Sommeliers at work" by Ais Lombardia.

Alice Contini

Chef, responsible for the kitchen, ready-made and "Alice"-labelled products.

Amerigo Contini

Alice's father, the Boss, Master butcher with over fifty years' experience, responsible for traditional butchery.

Our products of excellence

Traditional, Dynamism, Innovation



Traditional but creative

Born as a kind of personal challenge and against the crisis, it hinges on different products in jars. The two leading products of the "Alice" line are today the Mostarda di Cremona, made with a procedure unique in its kind and the Giardiniera, based on a kind of processing based on the wine world.

Moreover, we offer a series of local and national products with a traditional and innovative taste.

Much appreciated line sold all over Italy, hinging on new technologies, high quality of the raw materials and respect for customers' requirements and health.

Take tradition and mix it with dedication, modern techniques and quality raw materials.


Gastronomia Contini 2.0 di Contini Alice
Via Giuseppina 37/c
26030 Cremona
P.iva 00410830194
Tel. +39 0372 432319

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Opening hours:
Monday:   8:00 - 13:00
Tuesday - Saturday:   8:00 - 13.00   /   16:00 - 19:30

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